What are the Sell settings in the Baseconfig TokenTact Documentation

However, in order to give your automated bot the required authority to make trades on your behalf, you still to link your external exchange API with your TokenTact account. The process of doing this will vary from exchange-to-exchange, although in most cases, you’ll find the API details within your account settings portal. While many of these pre-programmed trading strategies can be obtained for free, some come at a price. Nevertheless, the trading bots available in the marketplace come with both their advantages and disadvantages. On the contrary, by programming your TokenTact trading bot to execute your strategy on your behalf, there is no requirement for you to spend any time monitoring the markets.

  • For example, if you configure 1 percent, the bot will not place a buy order if you own a position of the same currency that is either up or down less than 1 percent.
  • Start with a minimum deposit on any platform you use, and make a small withdrawal as a test.
  • With Crypto Hopper, this cannot happen as the software trades based on pure statistics and in real-time.
  • Keeping track of your investments have never been easier.

I fell in love with the AI concept at the end of March last year and learned a lot thanks to the platform and all its capabilities. Fill in the number of minutes your bot is in the cooldown period for a currency. Switch the toggle so your bot will only buy currencies if there has been a positive change % in the last X hours/minutes. When there’re no positive pairs your bot will not buy with your strategy.

We find the signup process with TokenTact to be easy and fully secure. Users must submit their full names, email address, and agree to the robots terms of use. This step also involves creating a password and opting in or out of their mailing list. The first step to creating an account with TokenTact is to fill the form provided on their homepage. InsideBitcoins determines an excellent signup process by the amount of personal data collected and how the robot safeguards this data.

When it comes to trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Crypto Hopper, the benefits are endless. To start, as we have said, the Crypto Hopper software is free of charge. There are no fees or hidden costs, plus all the money you make while trading, is yours to keep. The next benefit of Crypto Hopper is that it is easy to use. That is, even if you have never traded online before or if you do not have any knowledge of the financial markets, you can trade Bitcoin profitably with Crypto Hopper.

When the price goes up again by 1,5% your bot will open a position. Switch the toggle so the actual profit calculation is used for percentage profit calculation and for the trailing stop-short. This means that your Short will calculate the Percentage Profit compared to the buying price, instead of how much you’ve saved by Shorting.

If you think that you need even more flexibility with your TokenTact trading bot, then the premium plan comes at a price tag of $99 per month. The Hero Hopper package will permit 500 open positions, and allow you to trade the maximum allocation of 75 coins. As you’ll see from the above list, the eight supported exchanges represent the vast majority of cryptocurrency trading volumes.


Additionally, you can remove the specific coins from your selected coins list. Dust positions are positions that are too small to be traded on the exchange. Enable the Wallet Scrubber so that when a new position of the coin will be opened, the dust position will be merged into this position. The bot has reached its maximum number of open positions so it’s not opening a new position. We have documentation on how to connect your bot to your exchange. Every exchange has a different setup so it’s important to check out the correct tutorial.

We take the security of our members’ personal and financial information very seriously and we recommend creating a strong password that you do not share with others. Once you have opened your Crypto Hopper account, you will need to make a deposit of $250 so that you have trading capital. If you use a credit card to make this deposit, we will require the card number, expiry date and the card verification code (CVV number), located on the back of the card. Start trading Bitcoin profitably today with Crypto Hopper. If you prefer to decide when to enter trades manually, you can use the Advanced Dashboard. Customize options like Take Profit, Trailing Stop-Loss, Stop-Loss, or Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) to eliminate emotional trading.

You can also trade in paper trading mode to test the bot and its profitability. This value is a percentage of your total assets, or the “Maximum amount allocated” field, if configured. When this value falls below your exchange’s “Minimum amount per order,” that value will be used instead. If “Percentage buy amount” is not used or left blank, your bot will use this value.

Give yourself an edge, and while everyone else sleeps, you’ll never miss a beat. CaptainAltcoin.com does not offer any sort of financial or investment advice. Please make sure to do your own research, make educated financial decisions and consult your Financial Advisor. The app interface is straightforward and intuitive, and it has good documentation that explains every feature in detail. TokenTact can be installed on Android and iOS or accessed via a web-based interface.

In the same way, when the APO crosses below the zero line, the bearish pressures are dominating the price and it generates a sell signal. https://jdforexbroker.com/2024/01/tokentact/ Taxes will be levied on the profits earned on crypto assets. To calculate the profits, subtract the cost basis from the proceeds.

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