How Long Does Rehab Take? Length of Addiction Treatment

Rehab is unique to each person, and length of stay depends on factors such as the severity of addiction and the rate at which progress is being made. For people with severe drug or alcohol dependencies, such as those that co-occur with mental illness, extended treatment may be needed. A quality treatment center will offer clients a personalized plan that caters to their needs. Brief treatment involving detox, therapy and supportive care may be effective for some people, but treating substance use disorders is a complex process that could last years.

A severe drinking problem that has persisted for years will take longer to get under control than an instance of someone overmedicating for a month or two after being prescribed painkillers due to an accident. Some clients will walk out of a treatment facility after 30 days, but those suffering from years of severe addiction will need a minimum of 90 days to feel like they are back in control of their lives. How long alcohol rehab lasts can sometimes be dependent on the amount and length of coverage provided by the patient’s insurance company.

The Length of Stay in Addiction Rehab

The help we provide may take the form of advice on how to proceed with treatment, assistance in a time of crisis, or referrals to local organizations. Some short-term centers provide everything you need, allowing you to reside on-site during treatment. These rehabilitation centers have set visiting hours so loved ones can check in on you as your healing progresses. Outpatient treatment can last from 6 months to a year, and sometimes longer.

Patients often transition to inpatient rehab once they are medically stable. For those living with a substance use disorder, seeking treatment can be an intimidating experience. Many wonder what their friends and family will think, how much it will cost them, or what the length of their treatment stay will be. Because every person has their own unique story that will require their own unique approach, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for treatment. For people with addictions to drugs like stimulants or cannabis, no medications are currently available to assist in treatment, so treatment consists of behavioral therapies. Treatment should be tailored to address each patient’s drug use patterns and drug-related medical, mental, and social problems.

How often should one attend outpatient treatment sessions?

Inpatient programs include detoxing services and are typically available in 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs. Some facilities will allow extensions on these programs if individuals feel they would benefit from more time spent in treatment. These programs place someone in a safe environment where they can detox with the help of medications and constant The Honest Truth About Being Sober That No One Talks About Medium monitoring of medical professionals. Trained professionals know the physical and emotional effects of withdrawals and can provide relief and support during the worst phases of withdrawal. Drug rehab programs generally run from a few weeks to a few months. Long-term residential programs and some outpatient care options may last up to a year or longer.

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